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Personal care
Brand: Coghlans Model: Coghlans Toiletpapier Biologisch afbreekbaar 2 Rollen
Biodegradable toilet paper. The toilet paper is extra strong, soft and absorbent. Contains 2 individually wrapped rolls of single-ply toilet paper. ..
€6.95 Ex Tax:€5.74
Brand: RidgeMonkey Model: RidgeMonkey Cozee Toilet Bags
  These handy pouches are made for the RidgeMonkey Cozee Toilet Seat. An important advantage is of course that your bucket remains clean, but it is just as important that you can simply bury the filled bag. The material is 100% biodegradable, which means we contribute to a better environment. ..
€11.49 Ex Tax:€9.50
Brand: Coghlans Model: Coghlans WC brildekjes Biologisch afbreekbaar 10 Stuks
Biodegradable toilet seat covers. Nice for a hygienic toilet visit. After use, the toilet seat cover can be flushed. Packed per 10 pieces...
€6.95 Ex Tax:€5.74
Brand: Bo-Camp Model: Bo-Camp Toilet fluid Blue 2 Liters
Bo-Camp Toilet fluid blue is a biodegradable toilet fluid for daily use in the waste holding tank of the portable toilet. Bo-Camp Toilet fluid blue has a very pleasant smell and keeps the use of your portable toilet clean and fresh by masking unpleasant odors and gas formation. A 2 liter bottle is s..
€12.95 Ex Tax:€10.70
Brand: Stimex Model: Stimex Toiletpapier Camp Soft 4 Stuks
Environmentally friendly toilet paper for on the go 4 Roll with fast dissolving toilet paper for all portable toilets. Because the toilet paper dissolves blockages and damages to the waste tank are avoided. Ideal in combination with Camp Blue and Camp Flush toilet liquids...
€5.50 Ex Tax:€4.55
Brand: Stimex Model: Stimex Camp Green 2.5 Liter
Stimex Camp Green is a very environmentally friendly concentrated toilet liquid, especially developed for the waste tank of the chemical toilet. The unique composition of Stimex Camp Green ensures a faster disintegration of solid residue, urine and faeces. It also breaks down annoying odours and pre..
€15.99 Ex Tax:€13.21
Brand: HG Model: HG Against Smelly Washing Machines 0.55Kg
Washing machines can smell less fresh or even start to stink. This is caused by deposits of dirt and residues of (liquid) detergent in the drain pipes, filters and rubbers. Our washing machine cleaner cleans the entire washing machine very effectively, ensuring a clean and wonderfully fresh-smelling..
€8.50 Ex Tax:€7.02
Brand: Bo-Camp Model: Bo-Camp Solar Shower Deluxe 20 Liters
An extra compact folding drying rack. Made of strong steel so it can easily take a beating. With a total wire length of 9 meters. Includes a hook for hanging a clothespin bag. ..
€26.95 Ex Tax:€22.27
Brand: Vitility Model: Vitility Wandbeugel Quick Mobile Rail 40 cm Wit
A mobile wall bracket with two powerful suction cups. The wall bracket provides support for natural movements, for example getting in and out of the shower. Very easy to attach without drilling or screwing. You can position the wall bracket by pressing it against a firm and smooth surface and pressi..
€46.95 Ex Tax:€38.80
Brand: HG Model: HG Toiletbril snelreiniger Spuitflacon 100 ml
A fast drying spray that cleans the toilet seat. Ideal for daily cleaning of the toilet seat at home, but also for camping or on the road. Cleans the toilet seat in seconds. ..
€4.95 Ex Tax:€4.09
Brand: HG Model: HG Hygienic Whirlpool Cleaner 1L
HG hygienic whirlpool cleaner safely cleans the internal whirlpool system, based on natural raw materials such as lactic acid and Australian tea tree oil. This becomes contaminated through use due to limescale, soap residue, oil and skin fats. Our whirlpool cleaner effectively removes all this conta..
€12.00 Ex Tax:€9.92
Brand: Reliance Model: Reliance Flow Pro Draagbare douche Onder druk 8 Liter
A portable pressurized shower. Equipped with a kink-resistant hose and pressure relief valve. With a capacity of 8 liters and equipped with a sprayer. Moreover, it is easy to carry with the included carrying strap. After use, the shower can be refilled. Portable pressurized shower. Equipped ..
€79.95 Ex Tax:€66.07
Brand: Vitility Model: Vitility Sock Aid Plastic
This dressing aid made of plastic is suitable for putting on socks and stockings. You simply pull the sock or stocking over the dressing aid. The toes are then inserted into the created opening and the handle is gripped and pulled up. At the same time, the sock or stocking is pulled over the foot. T..
€17.95 Ex Tax:€14.83
Brand: Vitility Model: Vitility Medische koeltas 8x18 cm
The cooling bag keeps the insulin cool. It consists of a cooling case and protecting case. Soak the cooling bag in cold water for 4560 minutes. The special gel is evenly distributed and absorbs the water. Wring out the excess water or pat dry with a hand towel. Place the insulin pens in the poly bag..
€17.50 Ex Tax:€14.46
Brand: Vitility Model: Vitility Grijper met haak Magneet Zwart 76 cm
With the reacher it is possible to pick up items which are situated too high or too low, for example in a closet or on the floor, without having to bend or stretch. By squeezing the handle lightly, the reacher closes around the object. The reacher is suitable for holding small and lightweight items,..
€16.95 Ex Tax:€14.01
Brand: Atsko Model: Atsko Wasmiddel Sport Wash Universeel 500 ml
A universal detergent. Suitable for both natural and synthetic fabrics (also for Gore-Tex and eVent). Washes thoroughly and leaves no traces. Restores the breathable, insulating and water-repellent properties of technical fabrics. This detergent is suitable for both hand and machine wash. Sport-wash..
€17.95 Ex Tax:€14.83
Brand: Stimex Model: Stimex Toiletvloeistof Camp Flush 2.5 Liter
CampFlush is an environmentally friendly, refreshing toilet liquid. Specially developed for the water tank of the chemical toilet. Because of Camp Flush's unique composition, nasty odours and bacteria are broken down and a pleasant scent is left behind. It helps to prevent calcification and leaves a..
€13.50 Ex Tax:€11.16
Brand: Stimex Model: Stimex Toiletvloeistof Camp Blue 2.5 Liter
CampBlue is an environmentally and extra concentrated toilet fluid. Specially developed for the waste water tank of the chemical toilet. Camp Blue is biodegradable and prevents unpleasant odours. Camp Blue continues to work even after being frozen and defrosting. A 2.5 litre bottle is suitable for r..
€13.99 Ex Tax:€11.56
Brand: Toly Model: Toly WC brildekjes Kinderen 30 Stuks Papier
Toilet seat covers. Allows children to visit the toilet hygienically. Wider than the regular toilet seat covers because children often grab onto the toilet seat. After use the toilet seat cover can simply be flushed. Packed in units of 30...
€5.75 Ex Tax:€4.75
Brand: Curver Model: Curver Toiletemmer met deksel 5 Liter Diameter 24 cm Lichtgrijs
A compact toilet bucket. This Curver toilet bucket is particularly useful for, among other at the camp site. This bucket has a broad rim and a loose lid. Thanks to the comfortable bracket this bucket is easy to carry and empty...
€11.95 Ex Tax:€9.88
Brand: Coghlans Model: Coghlans Kampeerzeep Multifunctioneel 60 ml
Biodegradable camping soap. This multifunctional soap is suitable for washing the body and clothes, among other things. In addition, it can be used to do the dishes. This concentrated soap cleans effectively in all types of water and at all temperatures...
€9.95 Ex Tax:€8.22
Brand: Curver Model: Curver Deksel voor toiletemmer 5 Liter emmer
A replacement lid for the Curver 5 liter toilet bucket. Ideal to replace a broken and/or worn lid...
€4.95 Ex Tax:€4.09
Brand: HG Model: HG ECO Against Smelly Laundry 0.5kg
We've all had to deal with smelly laundry. You will notice it when the clothes are ironed or worn again or when the towels are used. HG ECO detergent additive against smelly laundry offers you the solution to make your laundry smell wonderfully fresh again in an environmentally conscious way! ..
€7.29 Ex Tax:€6.02
Brand: HG Model: HG ECO Toilet Gel 0.5L
HG ECO toilet gel is ideal for effectively removing dirt and limescale from the toilet bowl. After using HG ECO toilet gel, the toilet bowl is sparkling clean again with a wonderfully fresh scent! ..
€3.89 Ex Tax:€3.21
Brand: HG Model: HG ECO Toilet Room Cleaner 0.5L
For a wonderfully fresh-smelling toilet room, HG ECO toilet room cleaner is the best solution. HG ECO toilet room cleaner is a sustainable product that can be used daily to clean the toilet room. The toilet seat, the outside of the toilet bowl, the cistern, the sink, the tap and even the door handle..
€4.49 Ex Tax:€3.71
Brand: HG Model: HG 4 in 1 Protector for Textiles 0.3L
HG 4 in 1 protector for textiles protects textiles effectively and easily against most stains. This textile protection also makes the material water-repellent. ..
€9.75 Ex Tax:€8.06
Brand: HG Model: HG Toilet Renovation Kit 0.5L
HG toilet renovation kit is a handy complete package to give a dirty toilet bowl a second life. This kit contains an extremely strong toilet renovation cleaner, a scrubber, an absolutely non-scratch scrubbing pad and two gloves. After the toilet renovation with this product, even the most heavy cont..
€12.79 Ex Tax:€10.57
Brand: HG Model: HG Toilet Gel Extra Strong 0.5L
Intensive cleaning of the toilet? HG toilet gel extra strong easily removes problem soiling in the toilet bowl, such as very stubborn limescale, urine stone or other types of deposits that are difficult to remove. This occurs not only on the inside of the toilet bowl, but also in the neck of the toi..
€7.30 Ex Tax:€6.03
Brand: HG Model: HG Maintenance Technician for Washing Machines 0.2Kg
HG maintenance technician for (dishwashers) washing machines prevents and resolves malfunctions in a washing machine or dishwasher. Using the machine cleaner prevents the machine from malfunctioning due to contamination of filters, floats, drain pipes and other hard-to-reach parts. ..
€10.90 Ex Tax:€9.01
Brand: HG Model: HG Against Nasty Odors in Sportswear 0.5Kg
HG against unpleasant odors in sportswear is an extremely effective formula that effectively removes odor molecules that have penetrated deep into the fibers. Our sports detergent quickly and easily removes the smell of sweat from clothes. ..
€7.30 Ex Tax:€6.03
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